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Advivo is an innovative and dynamic accountancy and business advisory firm. We specialise in guiding and mentoring business success and transformation to ensure your business and personal goals are met.

Our Values

Our commitment to take you and your business to the next level is underpinned by our five core values of Innovation, Accountability, Aligned With You, Customer Service Excellence and Proactivity.

Our Team

Advivo is made up of passionate, proactive and results driven individuals incorporating diverse skill sets, all working together for our clients to give you the very best in accounting, taxation and business advice.


Stephen Covey – ‘Begin With The End In Mind’


In the words of Stephen Covey, we “begin with the end in mind”. We work with businesses who are actively seeking business growth. We focus on the delivery of professional and pro-active accounting, financial management and corporate advisory services to reach our clients’ goals as part of their team. We also work with other trusted advisors and consultants to ensure there is a comprehensive brains trust supporting your business to ensure your business grows and prospers. We at Advivo commits to this approach to the extent of having our Managing Director Leon Stephan’s core focus on creating and continuously improving processes, financial resources and tools as well as strategic alliances and networking opportunities to add to the value offered to you by Advivo’s entire team.

We choose to not have the distraction of a large client base of PAYG clients so we can focus on making you and your business more successful through regular monitoring and review of your financial results at monthly or quarterly meetings. We take the time to understand your current situation and work out where you want to be in the future. We also develop a business improvement plan that will help you and your business reach this goal, educating and empowering you along the way.


Advivo is committed to becoming an accountable team member in your business, knowing as much about your operations, corporate and marketing challenges as possible to assist you in reaching your strategic goals. We achieve this through scheduling regular monthly or quarterly meetings to review future forecasts as well as recent results.  This can identify areas requiring attention before they become issues, brings greater discipline, accountability and regularity to affairs, as well as providing an opportunity to explain, educate and develop real working relationships that achieves results for you and your business.

Where possible, we review the work required and quote up front so our fees are transparent and predictable to assist with your cash flow. Our clients love the certainty of costs for cash flow, but most importantly it gives you unlimited communication with your advisor for a fixed monthly fee.  This means you can ask us questions at any time, without the fear of a large invoice arriving in the mail.  Naturally, removing this enables us to focus on growing your business.

During the first few weeks of our engagement, we analyse your current situation and then create theoretical models of the business from sales through to cash flow and resources. We test these assumptions upon which the business is found and take the perspective “if this was our business, how would we treat it?’

It is this combined approach that sets us apart from other accounting firms and delivers great results for you and your business.  Advivo constantly strives to provide additional value to empower and educate our clients through regular seminars on relevant and timely issues which also provide networking opportunities with like-minded business owners for you and your team. We also develop strong strategic alliances with complementary services that support and assist your business in meeting your objective of business growth.

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Accounting & Tax

Our talented team of accountants take a hands-on approach to managing your accounting, business and individual financial needs.

Business Advice

Advivo’s business advisory services combine our expert accounting advice and management practices to take your business to the next level.

Corporate Advisory

Our Corporate Advisory Division is a project driven team of skilled staff undertaking assignments designed to assist the needs of corporations.

Financial Management & Modelling

Our primary goal is to help you understand the financial performance of your business and improve variables in your business’s performance to deliver a significantly improved result.

Transition Planning

We understand that transition planning can seem at times very overwhelming and that is why at Advivo, we want to make it as painless and as easy as possible for you.


Our Superannuation Division is to provide you with simple and leading edge solutions, allowing you to make the right choice in respect of your superannuation and retirement needs.

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"My favourite thing about Advivo is how approachable they are. They’re very easy to talk to and really know my business. Also, their fixed fees make a huge difference as a small business owner – with other firms, you’re always afraid to call as it might cost you a fortune, but the team at Advivo make me very comfortable to reach out whenever I need help or advice.” – Marie Warren, Flexitray Australia.

Flexitray Australia

"Advivo has helped me manage the finance side of my business so I can focus on other aspects of the business. With Advivo’s assistance, my books are tidy and controlled and it is comforting knowing that I have the full support of the entire Advivo office."

Concut Pty Ltd

"We are very happy with Advivo – they have exceeded our expectations and it really has started changing our way of thinking about the business. From an operational side, we are now being innovative where we once weren’t. Advivo has fine tuned our business in every aspect and this has improved our product development."

Xtra Insights

"We were given the opportunity to work with Advivo in completing their business insights workshop; to understand our sales process and how best to take the business to the next level.
Working with Leon was a joy. He was easy to talk to, and he very quickly comprehended what the business was all about. He came up with some great ideas, aspects I hadn’t thought of, and new ways of looking at things.He helped me understand how best to present our unique proposition to our clients and gave me the confidence to say exactly how it is.
Our business service is new to the market, and I now understand how best to articulate our competitive advantage and the value the business offers our clients, and the confidence to charge the right price." - Sharon Musker, WiseUp Energy Solutions

WiseUp Energy Solutions

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