Providing a High Level of Service

Managing Partner Leon Stephan was taking a much needed holiday, he and a friend were heading off to play golf and attend a function in Shanghai.

Advivo has a number of clients in Shanghai with whom we normally do our regular quarterly meetings by Skype. As Leon was going to be in Shanghai on holiday, he contacted our clients and said, “While I am in China, let’s catch up and do the quarterly meeting face to face, no extra cost, of course”.  As you would expect they agreed, and though Leon lost a little bit of his holiday, he was happy to add extra value to our clients.

Time went by, and just before his trip, a new client came along and a joint venture opportunity with a major manufacturer and distributor in China presented itself. Leon, of course, used his network and this great opportunity to negotiate in person to take our new client’s business to the next level.

The end result is by leveraging our existing time and contacts we have happy clients in China and Australia who have received a high level of service without the burden of any travel or accommodation costs.

As a team, Advivo is always looking to take you and your business to the next level.