At Advivo, we are constantly looking for new ways to take your business to the next level and we never cease to be surprised at the constant rate of change and innovation and the opportunities they present for improvement and growth.

However, we cannot ignore the most prominent metrics of profitability and there are only two ways to increase profit:

1.    Increase revenue
2.    Decrease costs

Over the next two months, our business improvement focus and communications will concentrate on these two strategies.

Throughout August we will focus on strategy one, increasing revenue. Trevor Holmes recently published an e-book promoting The Top 5 Tips to Accelerated Growth we will be expanding on these and other strategies to help you increase revenue throughout August and during September we will focus on ways to help you reduce costs. The beauty of cost savings is that 100% of every dollar saved goes straight to your bottom line.

More on these two strategies over the next couple of months and save the date for the evening of 21 September 2017 for our seminar on Business Improvement Strategies we will provide further practical tips and suggestions to Improve your Business and take it to the Next Level!

Leon Stephan

Managing Partner


Monthly team member profile
Linda Cornacchia (Practice & Marketing Manager)

Linda manages the Advivo day to day operations and support team. She joins us with over 10 years of Client Service experience, including administration management.

She is an active member in the financial services industry and regularly attends forums ensuring her knowledge remains current with legislative and industry changes.

She is always willing to assist clients and colleagues with a positive and professional attitude.

Linda also manages the Advivo Marketing and client communication which requires ongoing updates to our website, compiling newsletters and blogs.


Articles & Blogs

It’s not a hoax! How to increase your revenue 100%……..overnight!
Written by Trevor Holmes

“It can’t be done”, we hear you say.

Well yes, it can and the secret is not in your own business (although that is a big part of it) but in thinking outside of the square and looking at “other businesses”. That’s right, even as a small to medium enterprise (SM you have organically grown your business, often the secret to achieving financial and personal freedom is to go to the next level through an acquisition strategy. Click here for more


Tax Gets Social: Digital Marketing and Financial Incentives for Small Business

Let’s take a look at how you can make the most of social media marketing tools to engage with your customers, increase your profit margins and reap tax benefits.

With only a third of Australian businesses currently adopting a social media presence, many are missing out on business opportunities – including unparalleled market reach – and financial incentives. Read more.



 Adding Value to Your Business
Written by Leon Stephan

There are many reasons why business people seek a business valuation. Having your business assessed and valued is far more than just a box-ticking exercise, it is a complex process built on extensive data gathering, research, and analysis of the business and the markets in which it operates. Click here for some areas where a business valuation can provide clarity and perhaps get you focused more on the real question.


Client Portal
Written by Linda Cornacchia

We are excited to announce that Advivo now offers a complimentary Secure File Transfer Service that provides you with a quick, easy and secure way to share files over the internet. Advivo has tried and tested this new service, and we are excited to offer our clients this easy-to-use method of sharing files. Click here to find out more.


Seminar save the date – 21st September 2017 @ 6:00pm

How to Increase your business’s 2017 net profit by 50%….or more! 

At the seminar, you will learn some of the following strategies to easily implement into your business

  • The 7 ways to reduce expenses
  • How to modernise & automate processes to do more with less
  • The secret formula to grow your revenue across 3 critical success factors
  • The winning strategies that have your customers wanting more….more often.

Key Events / Dates:

  • 14 August – Lodge PAYG withholding payment summary annual report for: large withholders whose annual withholding is greater than $1 million payers who have no tax agent or BAS agent involved in preparing the report.
  • 16 August – Ekka Public Holiday
  • 21 August – Lodge and pay July 2017 monthly activity statement.
  • 25 August -Lodge and pay quarter 4, 2016–17 activity statement – if you lodge electronically.

28 August – Lodge and pay quarter 4, 2016–17 Superannuation guarantee charge statement – quarterly if the employer did not pay enough contributions on time.