Over February and March we will be offering tips and advice about upcoming FBT obligations, and introducing you to our FBT Specialists.

?The start of the Calendar year is a good time to see how you are progressing and review your plan for half way through the year, this is the time to ask: Are you on track or are you not and do you need assistance?

In this month’s Newsletter we have included an article “Become a Winner by Avoiding these 5 Mistakes”, we can help you identify your sustainable competitive advantage, and we invite you to contact us.
Leon Stephan

Managing Partner

Monthly team member profile
Anita Bellingham (Manager)

Advivo’s expert in FBT 

Anita is a chartered accountant with over 10 years experience in accounting. During this time she has worked in London, Sydney and Toowoomba in both practice and commerce. Working in commerce has assisted her ability to understand and empathise with small to medium businesses.

Anita is passionate about more than just compliance and is committed to assisting clients in the navigation of the financial management maze by providing solutions to allow clients more time to focus and achieve their future business aspirations.

In addition to personal and business taxation, she is the in-house technical expert on Fringe Benefits Tax and believes whole heartedly in developing enduring relationships with clients in a variety of industries.

In Anita’s spare time she enjoys playing touch football and travelling.

ATO Newsflash – AUSkey fraud alert

The ATO have recently detected cases of identity thieves fraudulently obtaining AUSkeys linked to legitimate businesses. Once an Auskey has been allocated, access is gained to the Business Portal so that fraudulent BAS can be lodged and bank details updated to accounts that are not controlled by the entity.


Back to Basics with Car Fringe Benefits 
Unsure about your Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) Obligations or what FBT is about? We have compiled some helpful tips that can help you.  If you own or lease a car that is available for the private use of your employee/s  you may be providing a car fringe benefit. Read More

FBT – What’s due & when?
The Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) year runs from 1st April to 31st of March.  If you are providing certain benefits to your employees or you are receiving certain benefits as a director of a company or trust, you may be subject to FBT. Read More

Tips and Updates

Become a Winner by Avoiding these 5 Mistakes

Your company needs to establish a good position in the marketplace or it will wind up being “stuck in the middle” with no competitive advantage. To help become a strategic winner, watch out for these five marketing errors. Full Article