Cruise Through the FBT Season

Wow, it’s hard to believe how fast the year is flying by! We are already one month down, but with such a busy start to the year it’s not surprising. At Advivo we have had a temporary move to level 10 (same building), while our office undergoes a refurbishment. We expect to be here for about 2 months so if you’re are coming into our office in the near future please check the signage downstairs before jumping in the lift. Unfortunately for us, that means 2 moves in 3 months but it will be worth it when complete.

Last week we hosted our first event of the year ‘Your Strategic Planning Toolkit Explained’ where we shared some of our tools and tips to help guide you through the strategic planning process and deliver a better outcome.

Whilst we normally only do our educational events quarterly, we have added an exclusive SMSF event for our clients in March. This is a must-attend educational luncheon for SMSF trustees, an invitation with more information will be sent shortly. Keep an eye out!

This month we are proud to announce the launch of our new Monthly Service Programs. These programs are designed to help you run your business effectively, providing the most up-to-date financial information we can, so you can make the best business decisions possible. Monthly processing also successfully weeds out any accounting mistakes, before they become an issue. Read our blog below to learn more about the key benefits of our Monthly Service Programs.

February also marks the time for dreaded Fringe Benefits Tax reporting. Have you done your logbooks? There are a few important things to take account of, please ensure you read the articles below.

We hope the year has started well for you!



Leon Stephan
Managing Partner

Upcoming Events

our Strategic Planning Toolkit Explained - Advivo EventYour Strategic Planning Toolkit Explained

Wednesday, February 19 2020, 5.30pm – 8.00pm, Ovolo Inchcolm, 73 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill, 4000.

Planning the direction of your business for the year ahead? There will be 11 strategic tools covered on the night including the One Page Strategic Plan, the Magic Wand, 3-Way Forecasting and the Business Pulse Report™. There will also be an exclusive offer for all attendees. Register for this free event today!

Begin with the end in mind

Begin with the End in Mind: SMSF Luncheon

Our second event is exclusively for our SMSF clients which will cover important SMSF updates, the latest changes from the ATO and your own questions. Personal invitations from your Advivo partner will be emailed next week so please keep an eye out. A light lunch will be provided for all attendees. We look forward to seeing you there!

Save Money with Monthly Accounting & Business Support

Save Money with Monthly Accounting & Business Support

Advivo can help you run your business successfully, with effective cashflow and no year-end surprises, just by moving your business to a one of our monthly service programs. This weeds out any bookkeeping and coding mistakes BEFORE they become an issue… read more.

Business Strategic Planning Tools

Strategic Planning Tools
Your Business Needs

In lieu of our upcoming event ‘Your Strategic Planning Toolkit Explained’ Advivo shares some of the tools that will be on display at this event. Click here to learn more about our tools: One Page Strategic Plan, Magic Wand, Future Fitness 3-Way ReportTM, Business Pulse ReportTM and more!

Stressed Out Over
Fringe Benefits Tax?

Ripping your hair out over Fringe Benefits Tax? If you are providing certain benefits to your employees or if you are receiving certain benefits as a director of a company or trust, you may be subject to FBT. To help, Advivo has answered some of the common FAQs… read more.

Stressing Over FBT

FTP Exempt Vehicles

Minor and Infrequent FBT: Is Your
Vehicle Under Attack?

My ‘ute’ is FBT exempt right? Wrong. We believe many business owners have acted on such information without being aware of exactly what is required for a vehicle to be considered as exempt from FBT.  As a result, many businesses are likely now sitting on sleeping time-bombs… read more.

Advivo Tip of the Month - February 2020

Advivo's Charity of the Month!

Advivo’s commitment to the community includes our monthly charitable donation! Last month we donated to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital to help provide urgent care resources including water and bandages to help rescued koalas from the devastating bushfires.

Have your say and help us decide here and we will announce the winner in next month’s newsletter!

Don’t forget if you would like us to include a charity of your choice, just drop us a line at

Key Events / Dates:

  • 19 February – Your Strategic Planning Toolkit Explained
  • 21 February – Lodge and pay December 2019 monthly business activity statement for business clients with up to $10 million turnover who report GST monthly and lodge electronically.
  • 21 February – Lodge and pay January 2020 monthly business activity statement.
  • 28 February  Dec 2019 quarter BAS
  • 28 February – Lodge tax return for non-taxable large/medium entities as per the latest year lodged (except individuals). Payment (if required) for companies and super funds is also due on this date. Payment for trusts in this category is due as per their notice of assessment.
  • 28 February – Lodge tax returns for new registrant (taxable and non-taxable) large/medium entities (except individuals). Payment (if required) for companies and super funds is also due on this date. Payment for trusts in this category is due as per their notice of assessment.
  • 28 February – Lodge tax return for non-taxable head company of a consolidated group, including a new registrant, that has a member who has been deemed a large/medium entity in the latest year lodged. Lodge tax return for any member of a consolidated group who exits the consolidated group for any period during the year of income.
  • 28 February – Lodge tax return for large/medium new registrant (non-taxable) head company of a consolidated group.
  • 28 February – Lodge and pay Self-managed superannuation fund annual return (NAT 71226) for new registrant (taxable and non-taxable) SMSF, unless they have been advised of a 31 October 2019 due date at finalisation of a review of the SMSF at registration.