Get Financially Fit in 2020 with Advivo

Happy New Year!

The holiday period is often a time of reflection and for making New Year’s resolutions for the year to come.  Have you made any resolutions?

I categorise my resolutions under three broad headings being personal, professional and educational, and try to ensure I have at least one resolution under each category.  My professional goals are related to what I want to achieve within the business. Once these are set, I identify the various actions necessary and work with my business partners to hold me accountable to actually getting them done.

Admittedly, I don’t always manage to get them all ticked off, as the top priority ones get the focus, but this simple process gives me the best chance of actually achieving my New Year’s resolutions. As business advisors to you, our clients, we are committed to working with you to achieve your 2020 goals and providing some great tools to help you do this.

This newsletter shares tips on some of the challenges businesses face after returning from a holiday closure, such as ‘cash flow and debtor management’.  We also talk about how to get focused back on to business growth, with some more details on our business strategy and planning tools.

We have two events coming up soon. In our first event for the year we’ll be sharing some of our key business strategy planning and implementation tools which will help ensure your business can achieve its goals for 2020. We’ll also be hosting an exclusive/invitation only Boardroom Luncheon for our SMSF clients.

We hope you enjoy the read and we’re looking forward to helping you achieve your goals in 2020!

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Chris Morris

Upcoming Events

our Strategic Planning Toolkit Explained - Advivo EventYour Strategic Planning Toolkit Explained

Wednesday, February 19 2020, 5.30pm – 8.00pm, Ovolo Inchcolm, 73 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill, 4000.

Just over a month until our first event of 2020! Planning the direction of your business for the year ahead? Learn some smart tools used in our workshops and strategy sessions to help guide your process.

There will be 11 easy-to-understand, unique analytic and strategic tools covered on the night including the One Page Strategic Plan, the Magic Wand, 3-Way Forecasting, Locus of Control and a whole lot more… There will also be an exclusive offer for all attendees.

Follow our LinkedIn account for more announcements! Register for this event today!

SMSF Boardroom Luncheon

Our second event of the year is a client only luncheon covering your SMSF questions. Some topics that will be covered include structures and monthly accounting, taxation, investment, scams, reducing costs and more! For more information, please email

Budgeting and Cash Flow Tips

5 Budgeting and Cash Flow
Tips and Tricks

The top reason small businesses fail is obvious but all-too common: they run out of money. A business cannot operate very long when cash outflow exceeds cash inflow. To help, Advivo has put together a list of 5 tips and tricks to help prevent cash flow shortage… Click Here.

Focusing Back on your Business Post-Christmas Break

Focusing Back on your Business
Post-Christmas Break

After your well-deserved Christmas break you may find yourself stuck in holiday mode during your first few days back at work. In order for your business to continue to grow, you can’t afford to have the post-holiday blues… You’ve got to keep a consistent cash flow.  Click Here to read more.

Debtor Management in your Business

Debtor Management
in your Business

The Christmas break is over, and everyone is back to work. This time can be very tight on cash flow, as many people take extended holidays and business owners must wait for customers/clients to return to work and pay their bills. The first thing to do is… Click Here.

New Year Changes in Super Guarantee Contributions

New Year changes in Super
Guarantee Contributions

If you’ve heard the recent ATO announcements, you’ll know the way Superannuation Guarantee Contributions (SGC) are calculated has changed. Effective from 1 January 2020, salary sacrifice amounts can no longer be used to reduce your SGC obligations… Click Here to read more.

Advivo Tip of the Month - January 2020

Advivo's Charity of the Month!

Advivo’s commitment to the community includes our monthly charitable donation! Last month we donated to Buy A Bale to help provide hay, water and financial assistance to our farmers doing it tough!

This month Advivo will be donating to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital to help provide urgent care resources including water and bandages to help rescued koalas from the devastating bushfires.

Don’t forget if you would like us to include a charity of your choice, just drop us a line at

Key Events / Dates:

  • 15 January – Lodge tax return for the taxable head company of a consolidated group (including a new registrant) that has a member who has been deemed a large/medium entity in the latest year lodged, unless the return was required earlier. Payment was due 1 December 2019.
  • 21 January – Lodge and pay December 2019 monthly business/installment activity statement except for business clients with up to $10 million turnover who report GST monthly and lodge electronically.
  • 27 January – Australia Day Public Holiday
  • 28 January – Make quarter 2, 2019–20 super guarantee contributions to funds by this date. Employers who do not pay minimum super contributions for quarter 2 by this date must pay the super guarantee charge and lodge a Superannuation guarantee charge statement – quarterly (NAT 9599) by 28 February 2020.
  • 19 February – Your Strategic Planning Toolkit Explained