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Welcome to our November newsletter. Some people may say that the year is nearly over. We prefer to think of it as a new year that is about to start. This was the theme of our recent event “Turbocharge your Business for 2020”, which highlighted that the best way to make the year ahead a success is to plan, presenting a range of experts that could help you with the planning and implementation.

Following on from this, our focus this month is to assist you in getting the Human Resources component of your business right. If you are not adequately resourced with the right people, supported by effective HR systems and the right processes, you may struggle to reach your goals through 2020 and into the future.

Our bookkeeping and payroll division can help with some of the payroll processing if you need help in that area. Our friends at Business 360 have offered a review to make sure that you are using the right awards, interpreting them correctly and ultimately paying your staff correctly. In recent times we have seen some major corporations, including Australia’s largest employer Woolworths, admit they have got it wrong. Woolworths mistake alone resulted in a back-pay liability of up to $300M. If these large companies with all their resources are struggling to get it right, it is obvious that payroll is complex, and even the largest companies need some assistance. So, we are here to help!

Please read the articles below on data security, getting your payroll right and how we can help you access government grants. There’s also an article on the ATO’s current drive on superannuation guarantee compliance, we outline the significant penalties for getting this wrong and what you need to do to avoid them.


Leon Stephan
Managing Partner

Planning your Staffing for 2020 and getting your Payroll Right

As you plan your overall business strategy for 2020, there is no better time to audit what’s working and what needs to be changed when considering staffing and payroll requirements. Are you planning to expand or extend your business into new markets? What will your recruiting schedule look like? How are you planning to retain your current staff?·In addition to answering these questions, it is important to ensure you get your payroll right from the beginning. Read more…

Super Guarantee Charges (SGC) - Frequently Asked Questions

If Superannuation Guarantee contributions aren’t made, employers face extra Super Guarantee Charges (SGC). What does this mean to business owners? We’ve put together a list of commonly asked questions to help. To read more, click here.

Tips on how to Prepare your Business Grant Applications

Every grant application is different, from funding to help you hit the ground running, to smaller grants designed to support your business development.  Click here to see 5 tips to help with your future business grant applications.

Data security

Data Security: Simple, Automated and Secure Protection

Cybercrime is costing the Australian economy up to $1 billion annually in direct costs alone. To give your business and clients peace of mind that their data is protected, Advivo shares two software tools that can help! Click here to read more.

Turbo Charge Your Business for 2020

Couldn't Make it to our Most Recent Event?

Last month, we hosted our ‘Turbocharge your Business for 2020’ event! This highly interactive event gave people the chance to sit with a range of specialists and ask their own questions! Click here to view our video recap!

Advivo tip of the month

Vote for our Charity of the Month!

Advivo’s commitment to the community includes our monthly charitable donation! Last month we contributed to Vinnies Disaster Appeal to help victims of the bushfires damaging communities across Queensland.

As devastating bushfires continue to affect Queensland families, this month we have decided to donate again to Vinnies Disaster Appeal. If you wish to donate yourself, click here.

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Key Events / Dates:

  • 21 November – Lodge and pay October 2019 monthly business activity statement.
  • 25 November – Lodge and pay quarter 1, 2019-20 activity statement if you lodge electronically.
  • 28 November – Lodge and pay quarter 1, 2019-20 Superannuation guarantee charge statement – quarterly if the the employer did not pay enough contributions on time.