Welcome to our September newsletter.

As advised last month during August and September we are focusing on improving your bottom line, last month was predominantly about increasing revenue, this month we have continued this theme with an excellent article from Jane Toohey from Outsource2Us on the positive impact effective digital marketing can make to your business.

Additionally we have 2 articles on reducing costs in your business, 7 Wastes and Automation and Efficiency, the great thing about reducing costs is 100% goes straight to the bottom line where as increasing revenue still has a cost of goods and other costs associated.

Please have a read and I strongly urge you to come along to our free seminar on 21 September and here more on how you can improve your business by increasing revenue and cutting costs. Click here to secure your spot today!

Leon Stephan

Managing Partner


Organic Growth Strategies
Written by Trevor Holmes
Growing your business is a natural objective for virtually all small businesses.  Today, we take a look at the more organic growth methods; still very effective and still with the purpose of growing your business to achieve scalability, which in turn gives you greater critical mass to employ specialised skills (with the aim to remove dependency on you the business owner in selected functional areas of the business) and ensuring that you are building an asset with a higher probability that it will be a more attractive sale proposition for when you choose to exit.  Click here to read more

Improving your bottom line through Digital Marketing
Written by Jane Toohey – Outsource2us

There are now so many Digital Marketing, SEO and Google AdWords so-called specialists that promise to get a company’s ADs on to the front page of Google and in doing so deliver new leads. This is not as simple as they tend to make out, and what really works is taking a long-term view; making a plan across multiple platforms (social, Google, landing pages) and ensuring the right people are attracted at the right time. Click here to find out more.

Reducing Waste
Written by Chris Morris

There are many different ways to increase business profits, but when you reduce the various methods back to basics, they all fit into the following mathematical equation:
Profit = Income – Expenses

This means if you want to increase your profit it’s simple, you either need to increase your income or reduce your expenses.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if it were just that easy?  The truth is, if it were that easy every business would be generating massive profits and I would be out of job.  We all know it’s not as simple as this but why?
Read more

Efficiency and Automation
Written by: Dale Edwards

These days there is much talk about robots taking our jobs and many tasks being automated. As much as many people don’t like change this is something that is already happening and changing the way business is done such as Amazon. It is inevitable and businesses that do not do so will struggle to contain their cost structures and therefore pricing compared to these who have automated. Click here to read more

Monthly team member profile
Fred Chang (Senior Manager)

Self-Managed Super Funds

Fred is a Chartered Accountant with over 15 years’ experience working across all aspects of accounting and understanding his clients’ every need.

Fred has been a part of our team for 11 years, and has progressed from an intermediate accountant to senior Manager over that time. Proficient in all aspects of accounting financial management and superannuation fund management Fred was an obvious choice to head up our Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) division; a new challenge he’s very excited about.

As a manager, Fred will continue to work collaboratively with his existing clients and with the support of the Advivo team will increase his focus on SMSFs to help them create wealth and take their business to the next level – he achieves this through regular tracking and monitoring of their business progress.

Fred delivers the absolute highest level of customer service, and is very dedicated to his Mandarin-speaking client base, offering extra support as they navigate the different regulations and practices in Australia.

Key Events / Dates:

  • 21st September 2017: Advivo Business Improvement Seminar
  • 21st September 2017: Lodge and pay August 2017 monthly activity statement
  • 30th September 2017: Lodge PAYG withholding payment summary annual report if prepared by a BAS agent or tax agent.