Here’s what Advivo is doing to help our clients and friends through these turbulent times and we urge you to please contact us sooner rather than later if you would like any assistance with the below.

Business Continuity Planning:

  • Assistance with access to Government stimulus measures 
  • Verification of your own plan or creating one from scratch 
  • Assistance with determining and implementing business strategy 

Cash Flow Forecasting:

  • We have a quick, low cost offering to allow businesses to test for future viability 
  • Government backed loans are great, but businesses must ensure they can repay it 
  • If your business is not viable in this climate its better to know this sooner rather than later which can allow you to take decisive action. 

Financial Modelling, including:

  • Break even analysis;  
  • Forecasting and  
  • Budgeting and cost reduction assistance 
  • Scenario testing 

Strategic Tax Planning to ensure:

  • You’re receiving the maximum PAYGW stimulus payments available to you. 
  • You’re taking advantage of the Government’s incentives; and 
  • Your tax is legally minimised in the most cost effective, appropriate way. 

Asset Protection Strategies:

  • Protect your hard-earned family wealth and business operating assets  

…and much more!

If you would like our assistance with any of the above please contact us today!  We urge businesses to take decisive action and not delay decisions in the current environment.