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The Artificial and Business Intelligence – Maximising your business efficiency! Seminar was held at the end of October with a stellar attendance! This is further evidence that our clients, friends of Advivo and guests are eager to learn about ways they can stay innovative and keep up with in a constantly evolving environment.

There were three guest speakers on the night starting with Des Watkins from Watkins Steel. The presentation was a perfect example of how technology and an innovative attitude has transformed a business from a traditional manufacturing business to a leading steel fabrication business in Australian and globally.

Des’ passion for innovation has provided him with many awards but none as great as the growth and success in his business. We even had the privilege of sampling some of the technology on the night with the HoloLens for everyone to try

Our second speaker Rob King, provided some insights in his business using technology integration techniques to create efficiencies in a few different businesses. The trade and manufacturing sector was the beneficiary of the great strides being made in a traditionally manual, paperwork heavy area.

He showed us how technology can be used to provide seamless integration across multiple applications in multiple locations. This enables business owners to access accurate and up to date management information at their fingertips, no matter the location or time of day, to provide instant information to clients.

The case study showed how they were able to create a mobile workforce and save a significant amount of time and money as a result. The best part was that the clients get a superior service, which can only gain momentum and allow business owners and team members to focus on the things they are good at.

Last, but defiantly not least, Linda Ginger from Growth Science, who opened more than a few eyes and revealed just how accurate scientific research can help a business when there is a new product of service they want to launch. Did you know that 95% of all start-ups fail and only 10%-30% of all growth initiatives succeed, neither did we!

With accurate research Growth Science can rapidly explore a market to determine the strategy and next steps to launching a new product or service into the marketplace.

Using the latest research Linda and the team are able to pinpoint where you are in your market or sector, what the demand is, where you would be most successful and then projected costings and profits. Market research has traditionally been a very expensive labour intensive process resulting in “ball park” projections that are not the most accurate.

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