We are pleased to be able to offer Advivo’s Business Pulse Report™ (BPR) to all of our business clients.

The Business Pulse Report™ is a unique business tool to keep you on track and accurately monitor your business’ performance against pre-determined goals (KPI’s) in a visual, tailored, easy to understand method. The Business Pulse Report™ can be used to keep key stakeholders such as board members, family members or key management staff informed and accountable.

One of the main areas that businesses want to monitor is their Revenue and with the Business Pulse Report™, you can easily set your goals using data that is accurate and ensure that you are realistic with the numbers by comparing month on month, year on year.

In some smaller businesses, cash flow is also a priority so ensuring you have positive cash flow after paying operating expenses, investing in future growth, the business pulse report will provide you with that piece of mind through its intuitive and sophisticated software.

The Key Performance Indicators KPIs) are almost limitless that can be monitored by the business pulse report and are not just limited to financial results, non-financial KPIs such as Prospects, leads, calls and conversion rates can all be monitored with a little tailoring by Advivo to suit your needs. We could go on forever or you can see for yourself here, with a short video to the right.

KPI Results Report Example

KPI Results Report Example

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Profitability Report Example

Graph of Profitability Report - Business Pulse Report

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If you’d like to start getting a monthly Business Pulse Report™ so you can begin taking your business to the next level, please contact your usual accountant at Advivo on 07 3226 1800 or send us a message HERE.