Chris Morris has an extensive commercial background in business improvement and strategic tax accounting which means he can view scenarios with a holistic perspective. He has a genuine understanding of the realities that come with operating a business. Earlier in his career Chris worked in commercial roles, where he developed his passion for improving business efficiency and growth. Chris provides a valuable insight to industry and comprehension of the day to day challenges that face business owners to own and operate a successful business.

Motivated by the success of his clients and team, Chris strives to get results. He understands that in a business environment the market fluctuates and the importance of recognising and adapting to these changes as they happen is vital. Chris wants to make accounting and taxes simple and easy for his clients to understand and constantly works with them to communicate strategies and opportunities for growth and improvement.

If you’re not going forward, you’re going backwards, and Chris works with his clients to make sure they are always advancing. Using his advisory skills and knowledge of technology to create efficiencies, Chris helps clients identify and achieve their goals. Additionally, he understands the importance communication plays in achieving goals, and strives to be a point of contact for his clients and create accountability where needed.

At Advivo, Chris manages the Business Services Department which involves helping clients understand their business’s financial capabilities, financial drivers and ways to monitor success and growth. He specialises in business advisory, growth and cloud accounting (technology integration) to create automation, efficiency and cost savings for his clients. Chris knows that his clients are good at what they do, but he also understands that this often means they have less time and energy for progressing all those other things which are truly important for continued business success.  This is where Chris’ advice, mentorship and accountability can work wonders.

Chris is excited to be a part of driving Advivo’s future growth by taking our clients to the next level and helping their businesses grow and prosper.