In December we advised that we had recognised that the Christmas period was a high risk time and as such an appropriate time for reviewing your Estate Planning needs. Wow am I glad we initiated the contacts we did, when we did, in the initial batch of contacts we had 71% of people contacted who said they had no wills or that they were hopelessly out of date. (One of those with no will was about to head off on an overseas holiday, fortunately we were able to rush though their wills and other documents before they got on the plane)

Not only was this a surprise to us but it highlights the need for us to constantly review and monitor this issue. It also meant we were so busy with the first round of contacts that we did not get a chance to contact everyone, so we will be continuing this process over the coming weeks, if you have not had a call from Matt yet don’t be surprised when he calls.

Matt’s experience in this area coupled with the software we use has meant that with the information we already have and only a few basic questions he has been able to quote firm costs and collate all documentation required to complete your wills and other estate planning documentation in only a few minutes. The only tough questions has been who do you want to be executors of your will and, if applicable, who will be guardians of your children.