Outsource2Us defines the most important tips for starting and growing a business in 2021/22. 


What’s in a name? 

Investing in name searches to check if someone is already trading under or is under the process of trademarking a similar name will help ensure your brand is unique and will not be mistaken for another brand. You may want to trademark your brand to ensure nobody else can use your brand’s name or copy your ideas. Seeking feedback and advice on your name and testing the reactions of current and potential customers will also ensure your brand’s name is effective and speaks to your target audience. Ensure that your brand’s name is memorable and scalable and avoid using your own name if at all possible. After all, ‘Janelle’s Juice’ does not have the same ring as ‘Boost Juice’. Also, ensure that the URL you are planning to use for your brand is able to be registered and find a positioning that works for your brand. 

Get your brand strategy right 

Know your target customer profile and the value you offer to them. Build a profile of your target customer, allowing you to know their needs and wants intimately. Then you are able to mould your brand and key messages around the needs and wants of your target customer so they can hear it.  

Know where to reach your customers 

Social media has a huge audience but is this audience yours? Ensure you know your key demographic and where the best place to reach them are. Research news portals, groups and events to ensure you have an understanding of your audience and where to reach them.  Share your content to the relevant places that are specific to your audience within the path to purchase. Ensure you are capturing leads and developing a sales strategy that is specific to your audience. 

Create a website that works for you 

Your website needs to be a marketing tool. A website serves as a virtual equivalent of your business, with billions of people from around the world having access to it. Using your website as a marketing tool is a way to reach far more people than you would without one. Also, ensure that your website is not using any custom coding so that your website remains up to date and secure. Think about the content of your website first, before creating any other aspect of your website. Make sure that your platform is Google-friendly and develop effective clickbait (such as downloadables) and calls to action on your website so that you can get more visitors and hence generate leads. 

Get Analytical 

Install programs such as Google Analytics and Tag Manager and tools such as Microsoft Clarity. These programs and tools will allow you to analyse the data about your website. Analysing the data received from visitors to your website can be very insightful for discovering how well your business is performing. Data such as the number of visitors to the website over the month and where these visitors came from geographically will help you understand your audience. Data such as the most visited pages on your website and which pages converted the most visitors will allow your brand to put more focus on those areas of the website. Analyse which ads and which social media platforms create the most traffic and which created the most conversions for your brand. 


So, in conclusion, ensure that you plan your brand strategy for growth and the future needs of the business. Then, be smart about how your budget is spent to tell your story quickly and to the right people. Track engagement, online behaviour, lead conversions and their source. Marketing is rapidly changing and increasingly complex. A receptionist cannot manage your marketing and get the results you need. Ensuring a return on your investment and mapping back against your business strategy and financials is extremely important for your business.  

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