Advivo’s educational event last month covered the importance of digital marketing, recruiting and professional training.

On Thursday May 23, 2019, we held our “Go for Growth” seminar, which focused on providing business advice to Brisbane-based companies. Attendees networked and received some further education on how to accelerate the growth of their business. Our three guest speakers specialised in different areas that are crucial to every business; digital marketing, recruitment and professional leadership training. Our goal was to provide attendees with the most helpful information regarding these three topics, in order to help them grow their business. We believe in equipping our clients with everything their business needs to thrive. Our “Go for Growth” seminar was one of the many events we hold for our clients and other interested parties.


Marketing Specialist: Jane Toohey

The first of the three speakers was Jane Toohey, Director of Outsource to Us. Outsource to Us is a marketing, social media and digital company based in Brisbane. Jane spoke to attendees about the power of digital marketing and how to maximise the impact of social media on business growth. She acknowledged that it may be confusing to navigate social media while also running a business, however it is crucial that owners take the time to investigate what platforms will work best for their customers and prospects. A key message was the importance of knowing your target audience and how you want to interact with them. Instead of tackling multiple social media platforms at once, find what channels your customers are using and direct your attention to ensuring maximum engagement. She also explained the important of integrating all aspects of your marketing strategy so that they work together to positively impact business growth.


Recruitment Specialist: Kim Acworth

The second speaker was Kim Acworth, Principle Finder from Acworth Recruitment. Kim spoke to attendees about the importance of recruitment and finding the right candidates to work for your business. She emphasised the importance of being honest and specific on job postings, as there should be no surprises during job interviews.

She also spoke about the process of finding candidates and screening them to make sure they are what your business needs. Kim mentioned that before looking to hire a brand-new employee, consider promoting from within. There is a good chance that there is somebody already working for your company that is willing and waiting for their time to step up and take on more responsibility.

Promoting from within keeps employees satisfied and allows you to not have to spend too much time teaching them about your business—as they should already know the lay of the land. This can allow you to hire a “lower” position, which can cost you less then allow you to spend time grooming them for that position.


Professional Training: William Farmer

The final speaker of the night was William Farmer, Coach from Dale Carnegie. Dale Carnegie Training is a company that specialises in professional development courses. These courses emphasize the power of self-transformation and the impact it can have on professional relationships.

For more than 100 years, Dale Carnegie has taught many courses to businesses of all sizes that increase productivity, reduce costs and generate revenue. Attendees learned about the importance of building courage and confidence in order to take command of their role and achieve the unexpected.

The seminar was very interactive and allowed attendees to speak to their peers and participate in small exercises to begin the process of building confidence and courage. Business owners learned about the importance of being friendly and putting the effort into conversations in order to create beneficial relationships.

Advivo are committed to educating their clients. Our “Go for Growth” seminar focused on providing business advice to Brisbane-based companies while creating an ideal environment for networking.

Check out the video recap of our event – HERE