Advivo Monthly Service Programs

Shortly before the Coronavirus Pandemic hit the world, we at Advivo completely reengineered the way we’re able to work with businesses to deliver a better service for their ongoing goals and needs.

We did this because we understand business owners crave all the benefits of having an accountant who is not only completely across their numbers, but who is also able to be a sounding board, sharing their own knowledge and experience helping business owners overcome challenges and achieve their goals sooner.  We also understand that whilst this is what business owners crave, most don’t want the price-tag which would normally come with it from traditional accountants.

This is what led to us develop and launch our Monthly Service Programs (MSPs) which is accounting and advice done differently, and so far the feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive!  Some of the benefits of our MSPs include:

  • Monthly business health check and quality assurance review meaning you will have absolute clarity over your current position and which government stimulus package/s your business may be eligible for.
  • Ongoing access to a sounding board – a business confidant if you will. Two heads are better than one, three heads are better than two
  • Monthly collaboration and support ensuring progress towards your goals
  • Comfort knowing that we’re across your current business situation and will always have one eye on things in the background.
  • Assistance in setting and working towards your annual and monthly budgets
  • Overcome challenges before they become problems.
  • Complete peace of mind knowing your business accounts are correct and lodgements made on time every time

How are Advivo using their MSPs to further help businesses?

Understanding the benefits for business owners, we’re systematically contacting all our regular monthly clients to help them make transition to an appropriate MSP sooner rather than later.

To help with the current environment, we’re waiving the cost of any conversion work required for the majority of our existing monthly clients.  This means in many cases our clients are able to benefit from receiving many months’ worth of traditional accounting work absolutely free!

As well as this bonus, we believe that business owners who are enrolled in our MSPs will have a distinct advantage over their competitors in the current climate allowing them to better prosper through challenging times.

Advivo are still accepting new clients too!

Whilst we’re providing these added benefits for our existing monthly clients and systematically working with them to transition to their MSPs, we are still accepting new clients who would also like benefit from our programs.  For more information or for an obligation-free chat as to how our MSPs will help you – please click here.