We are excited to present Advivo ICP Pty Ltd, Innovation and Commercialisation Partners

Our Innovation and Commercialisation services were developed to firstly, help clients assess the viability of new products and services and secondly to accelerate and guide the commercialisation process of truly innovative and profitable endeavours.

The Need for Advivo ICP Pty Ltd

No longer is innovation just about creating ideas and ‘seeing how it goes’. Advivo ICP Pty Ltd has created a network of highly skilled innovators and commercialisation specialists where data science, ideation, project management, and global networks are the core to new ideas’ success.

What we have also found is that, in many cases, developing new ideas and technologies can become a distraction to your core business. We will not only add our considerable skill, processes and networks to the equation, but we can totally manage the commercialisation process for you, so as not to impact on your already busy work schedule. Our objective is to take away the worries and drive your idea forward to success.

In today’s global world, commerce is driven at incredible speeds – while you may believe you have a unique idea to solve a specific problem, someone on the other side of the world might be thinking of an alternative way to address the same issue. To make sure your idea becomes a reality and you don’t miss out on profitable opportunities, we have created this intensive process in a joint venture with a group of experts, from innovation science technicians to investors and global logistics partners to take you to market as quickly as possible, before someone else identifies the opportunity and capitalises on it.

The Process

We take you through every step of the process and take care of project management, to mitigate commercial risks and increase the probability of success.

What we do is break down the process into smaller stages and tasks that are easier to complete and utilise agile project management to reduce financial wastage in developing the innovation into a commercial reality. From our data scientists who make sure your idea is indeed innovative and viable, through to market testing, business modelling, legal matters, development, intellectual property protection, branding, marketing, strategies, and finally, commercialisation with distribution modelling at the core of any launch; in other words, we actively drive the journey with our clients through the entire process.

Firstly, understanding your business, your objectives, the environment and markets that you operate in, and where the ‘whitespace’ opportunities lie, can be a competitive advantage that leaves your competitors in your wake. This is why we have partnered with our data science specialist to assess your markets and understand the path to a successful innovation and commercialisation process.

Advivo’s existing suite of expertise, including risk identification & protection, structuring and tax advice, financial modelling and forecasting and structured business growth processes and advisory services will be there to complement and support the Advivo ICP every step of the way. We ensure you and your business are protected from the beginning and our team of skilled accountants and advisors will always make certain that you have the funds and forecasting to do so with a sleep at night strategy.

Do you have an idea that needs our help to become a reality? Give us a call today.