Special Service To Help You Grow Your Childcare Business

At Advivo, we have recently introduced our specialty service in the Childcare arena. Our presence in the market has steadily increased by consulting with several childcare businesses in the southeast and we are starting to see the “fruits of our labour”. We want to share with you some of the details on how we do it.

Assistance with Purchasing Childcare Centres

“Begin with the end in mind” is a mantra we often refer to at Advivo. We have demonstrated our capability by coming in at the “grass roots” level and providing assistance with purchasing centres. Our services include due diligence, structuring and tax advice, to provide a solid foundation for our newest clients as they embark on their exciting investment journey.

Advice on Standardisation

We continue to guide our clients after their initial purchase and progress with well researched, compliant business advice on standardisation and best practice in the industry. This is complemented with management reporting to provide meaningful and relevant reports to assist and support the team, making the day to day operations management more efficient, cost effective and transparent.

Ensuring that your Childcare Investment is Profitable

We work with the centre owners to provide high-level strategies, Key Performance Indicators and action plans to ensure that the investment is profitable but also to deliver steady growth and a Return on Investment.

It would be remiss of us to not mention our outstanding bookkeeping and payroll service that ensures all the above reporting is accurate and low cost, freeing up staff and reducing costs for the centre. All our bookkeeping and payroll is provided with supervision by a senior accountant, further strengthening the accuracy of the reporting.

We are very proud to be showcasing our success in an industry that is often difficult to navigate. As a result of our combined years of experience and collaboration with Childcare Concepts we will soon be presenting a Childcare Fund, enabling people to invest in the very near future, so watch this space!

Interested to know more about our Childcare Business Advisory Service? Please get in touch with us at Advivo.

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