Is your Estate going to the intended beneficiary?

By April 12, 2017Blog

Maybe not with the impending changes to Superannuation laws from 1 July

No one knows your total financial situation better than your accountant, this includes your financial/business objectives and your corporate structures.  For this reason, we and other professionals believe accountants should be the drivers to Estate Planning.

Estate planning is far more than writing a Will and Binding Death Nomination or other legal documents.  The important part of Estate Planning is understanding how and where you want your Estate distributed, including your Superannuation and ensuring the correct documentation is put in place to make sure that happens across all entities in your business structure, recognising past/present/future family status and allowing for any taxation consequences that may arise.

That is why we have formed an alliance with Yodal, Yodal is a cost effective delivery mechanism to ensure that your wishes for your Estate are adhered. With the Yodal information gathering and briefing system we will work with your lawyer or an estate planning specialist you nominate from the panel to make this happen in a stress free and cost effective manner.

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