Important Information on Jobkeeper Extension 1 Commencing From 28 September 2020

The JobKeeper program has now officially been extended for 6 months to 28 March 2021. We have highlighted important dates for employers to take note of in regards to this extension. We understand the complexity and confusion in the market around JobKeeper 2.0 and have developed a new service offering, outlined below, to help our clients navigate JobKeeper.

Key dates for employers to remember:

  • Now
    • Notify employees about the JobKeeper payment they can expect to receive.
  • 28 September 2020
    • Start paying eligible employees Tier 1 and 2 JobKeeper rates, based on their hours worked.
  • From 28 September 2020
    • If the employee is using Single Touch Payroll to notify the ATO of eligible employees, then the employer should provide each eligible employee’s Tier as part of the normal payday reporting.
  • Between 1 – 14 October 2020
    • Complete the October JobKeeper monthly business declarations to receive reimbursement for the September fortnights.
  • Before 31 October 2020
    • Ensure the wage conditions for all eligible employees are included in the JobKeeper scheme for the JobKeeper fortnights starting 28 September 2020 and 12 October 2020 are met.
  • From 1 November 2020
    • Complete the monthly business declaration and confirm what payment tier is claimed for each employee.

Advivo’s service offering to help you with JobKeeper Extension 1:

With the new eligibility requirements and test periods for JobKeeper Extension 1, we have prepared a new low cost service to help our clients with eligibility testing and registration assistance where appropriate.

The price for this service is $500 plus GST per employer entity and includes:

  • Application of new tests using the new periods as required;
  • Preparation of appropriate workpapers to substantiate your business’ eligibility position under the new testing rules;
  • Advice on the various tier rates which may apply to various employees dependent on their circumstances.
  • Assistance with maintenance of your list of eligible employees and JobKeeper Employee Nomination Notices.

We are also continuing help clients with their JobKeeper Extension 1 reporting and declaration requirements to ensure appropriate claims are lodged by their due dates, allowing our clients to receive the maximum stimulus incentives they are entitled to.

This JobKeeper Extension 1 reporting service is priced at $150 plus GST per month per entity and includes:

  • Reporting of current GST turnover for the relevant periods and related declaration work; and
  • Reporting of any changes to your employees eligibility as advised by you.

Please note the above information is for JobKeeper Extension 1.  We will advise on the ATO’s requirements for eligibility for JobKeeper Extension 2 as more information is released.

Please advise asap if you would like us to proceed with the above for your employing entity and we will contact you regarding the necessary authority/engagement letter which will allow us to assess your eligibility as a priority.

If you would like assistance in determining your eligibility for these JobKeeper extensions please contact us today.

Here’s what Advivo is doing to help our clients and friends through these turbulent times and we urge you to please contact us sooner rather than later if you would like any assistance with these. 


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