By December 19, 2017November 8th, 2018Blog

Have you heard about kwikTV? kwikTV is TV built for mobile and turns video content into TV shows that can be shared on any social media platform. In other words, it allows us to communicate relevant and important information with you in a video format, which is less time consuming and far more enjoyable than reading a normal blog. More and more people are using their mobile devices to engage with family, friends and businesses alike.

Accounting and professional services are continuously changing with updated legislation and in the ever increasing need to keep our clients abreast of the ever-changing market environment in which they operate. At the same time, we have less time available making it more difficult to communicate effectively and keep up to date. Video communication has emerged as the medium of choice for short sharp communication which can be accessed anytime and anywhere on your phone when you have a few spare minutes. This is where kwikTV delivers a format that is simple to access and easy to understand.

Advivo Accountants and Advisors will be introducing our first kwikTV show in the New Year and would like to invite you to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn so that you can be one of the first to see our partners in the first Advivo TV show! If you would like to sample some of the TV shows on kwikTV, simply download the kwickie app onto your mobile device and start watching. Stay tuned for more in 2018!

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