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Whatever stage your business is at, marketing plays an important role. Whether it’s solidifying your brand presence, ensuring your current customers are nurtured and engaged, or reaching out to expand the business and get new enquiries.

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Working with our marketing partner we are able to support our clients with:

  1. Market Research. Whether you’re an existing business looking to increase your market share, needing insights to launch a new product, about to embark on a new target area or a new small business just starting out, targeted market research should be your first step in the planning process. This is your Go-to-Marketing strategy.
  2. Marketing Strategy. Your marketing strategy sets the scene for the next 1 to 3 years and defines the KPIs against which you can track the effectiveness of any marketing tactics.
  3. Marketing Planning. Good planning and importantly, a managed process for implementation is what makes the difference between a plan that sits on the shelf and a plan that make a difference to the business. A marketing roadmap is the all-important tool to move the company towards expansion.
  4. Reporting. Tracking, reporting and constant review is the final stage that ensures your marketing delivers. Becoming more data-driven about customer engagement gives you the tools to make informed decisions about the correct allocation of budgets.

The most important part of a successful campaign is to integrate all aspects of the marketing tactics employed. Whether it’s publishing content to optimise for search, ensuring social media engenders customer engagement, direct targeting or digital advertising, it’s about generating quality leads for sales to follow up and convert. If there are no new leads, the marketing is really not working!

Your Go-to-market strategy is the all-important step in getting your products and services in front of the right people and the right time. Advivo works closely with our marketing partner to develop the strategic business plan that delivers a company’s unique value proposition to the maximum number of potential customers and achieve a real competitive advantage.

The ability to draw on the key tools we have in the financial management side of the practice, such as Business Pulse Report™ makes a real difference. The business insights that the pulse report delivers gives key pointers for the value proposition to the market.

Let us know if you are considering a review of your marketing approach by calling on 07 3226 1800 or Email us.

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"During the time we have been with Advivo Accountants & Advisors, they have taken a genuine interest in our business and offered valuable, constructive advice which has allowed us to consolidate the financial position of our business and become a market leader within the promotional products industry in Australia."

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"Advivo has helped me manage the finance side of my business so I can focus on other aspects of the business. With Advivo’s assistance, my books are tidy and controlled and it is comforting knowing that I have the full support of the entire Advivo office."

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"We are very happy with Advivo – they have exceeded our expectations and it really has started changing our way of thinking about the business. From an operational side, we are now being innovative where we once weren’t. Advivo has fine tuned our business in every aspect and this has improved our product development."

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"Our business has been using Advivo Accounting service for the last seven years. Our Accountant, Dale Edwards pointed out ways we can streamline our accounting systems by using a new program called Xero. I have found this program to be fantastic. It’s been an exciting journey, one I’ve been happy to take."

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