Let our friendly NDIS Accountants assist you with housing support.

Your Brisbane NDIS Accountants

Are you in need of an NDIS accountant in Brisbane to assist with housing support? Then look no further than Advivo.

At Advivo, we are primarily accountants with special expertise in finance and NDIS housing. We thoroughly understand the NDIS system and can assist with housing support, including tax and structuring advice, assistance with obtaining finance, and supporting you with other issues that obtaining an NDIS house might present, such as wills and estate planning.

Our number one goal is to assist recipients of NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) or SDA (Special Disability Allowance) housing support to not only get into their own homes but also to give you and your family peace of mind that you will have long-term security of tenure.

In most instances, we liaise with the parents and/or families of individuals with a disability to assist them along this complicated pathway. In particular, we know obtaining finance is often the largest hurdle to overcome. Following extensive research, we have identified Homestar Home loans to be the best alternative in this space and have formed a referral arrangement with them.

Our extensive experience in NDIS, finance, accounting, and risk management means we are able to comprehensively analyse all these areas and devise strategies to make sure there are no conflicts between them.

We also work alongside specialist external parties to provide the finance, estate planning and/or life and disability insurance needed to make the process as smooth as possible for you and eliminate risks along the way.

How we can help

Advivo offers a full suite of services for NDIS and/or SDA.

  • We work with you to pre-empt and address any potential risks.
  • We help with financing to assist in the purchase.
  • We ensure that all the involved parties have the right tax structures to support those housing arrangements and risk protection.
  • We look at estate planning for both families and participants to ensure that there are no future events that could disrupt their long-term security of tenure.

Our team is here to ensure you can live your life with no interruptions. Talk to our friendly Brisbane NDIS accountants and start getting assistance for housing support.


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