Last week, Advivo hosted its’ first event of 2020 focused on 11 analytical and strategic planning tools to assist with business planning.

Thank you to everyone who attended our event ‘Your Strategic Planning Toolkit Explained’. It was a very successful night!  

This event gave an overview of a whole raft of strategic planning tools to help business owners with the important tasks of business analysis and future projection.  An exclusive offer was included on the night only for those attending the event, being a reduced cost for the one-page strategic plan  

Throughout the evening, 11 strategic and analytical tools were covered including:  

  • One Page Strategic Plan 
  • Magic Wand with Pareto Analysis 
  • 3 Way Forecasting 
  • Business Pulse Report™ 
  • Advivo 3 Pillar – Revenue Increasing Calculator? 
  • ?Break-Even Analysis 
  • Identifying, Understanding and Capitalising on your S.C.A 
  • Locus of Control (right people doing the right job) 
  • Product Portfolio Analysis 
  • Seven Wastes 
  • Strategic SWOT Analysis. 

In case you missed it and would like to see a copy of the slides, please email  

The night was highly interactive, and everyone was encouraged to participate in asking questions and discussing the different tools during the event. In-between the presentation, canapes were brought out and drinks were served. There was also some networking time at the end of the event to meet other like-minded business owners, employees and all those in between. 

Here’s a video recap!

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