Step 1

1 – Do your research and review your current KPI’s. Ensure you know the figures for the Number of Clients, Average Sales Value per Transaction and the Average Number of Transactions per Client

2 – To identify how many clients transacted with you, run a client report within your accounting package over a 12 month period (this can also be calculated on a monthly basis but recommend in this instance to use your previous financial year)

3 – To identify your average sales value per transaction; run an invoice report in your accounting package and count how many invoices were produced for the financial year. Divide this into your total revenue i.e. Total Revenue / Total number of transactions

4 – To identify your average number of transactions per client divide the number of clients into the total number of transactions (Invoices) i.e. Total No. Transactions / Total Number of Clients

5 – Input your results into the Current Situation

Step 2   

1 – You may choose to populate either the Nominal Values Field (actual numbers)  and / or the Percentage Increase Field

2 – Enter the values into the grey shaded cells; your results will automatically populate

3 – Review the total revenue results and % increase of your revenue

4 – With your review complete and satisfaction that specific variable increases are achievable, now begin to develop strategies to identify the “how” to increase each specific variable

5 – By locking in your variable targets and having developed the strategies to action, lock these targets in as your benchmarks to monitor on a monthly basis with your team

  • Current Situation

  • How many clients do you currently have?
  • How much could we increase each variable? (Nominal Value)

  • How many clients could the organisation increase services or products too?
  • How much could we increase each variable? (Percentage)

  • Contact Details