Advivo Business Advisors and Accountants explain how getting the right people on the right jobs delivers better outcomes for your business 


Behind every business, no matter how big or small, is a convergence of skills and talents. Each person brings their unique skill set to the table which, when combined with others’ abilities, creates a powerful team dynamic that gets jobs done. Important to this, though, is ensuring that the people in your team are using their skills appropriately, and not spending time on things that could be better done by someone else. In other words, getting the right people to take care of the right jobs is vital if you value efficiency.  

One of the main things we do at Advivo is work closely and extensively with businesses and their staff to ensure that they are running smoothly. Over the years, one of the most common inefficiencies we have seen in businesses is when they have people doing jobs that they are just not suited to.  

Often, this is the business owner’s error: they spend their time on menial tasks such as bookkeeping, cleaning and maintenance in the mistaken belief they are saving money. What they don’t realise is that their time would be much better utilised doing higher-value work that delivers a much better outcome for the business. 

“Right person, right job” is a core mantra for us at Advivo. I am sure it is mentioned each week in our team meetings, and I encourage you to actively embrace the concept and change thinking. 

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You might think you’re saving, but you’re actually losing 

Many would have heard my analogy of a client who owns a tennis centre and thought he was saving $50 an hour by mowing the lawns and tending the gardens. In actual fact, he was losing $450 an hour as he could have been using that time to coach, where he would have earned $500 an hour. 

Sometimes, the right person for the job is not a person at all. In our increasingly technological business landscape, more and more process functions and tasks can be automated.  Regularly review your systems and processes and look for ways to automate utilising technology to do the work as opposed to another human or yourself. This can often be far more efficient and cost-effective. 

Having the right people doing the right jobs is the epitome of efficiency. This should be your medium to long term objective, especially if you want to reach maximum efficiency and profitability. Our highly skilled team of business advisors and accountants work with clients to determine the right tasks within the business, and then help business owners determine which people should perform which roles. Contact us to book a planning session and take your business to the next level! 



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