The votes are in for the charity of the Month! The September donation recipient is Young Care, as part of our commitment to our local community, Advivo has donated $50 this month to Young Care.

They are committed to supporting young people’s choice to live young lives in quality housing. Youngcare’s building program designs and develops age-appropriate housing solutions where young people with high physical care needs can live young lives with choice, independence and dignity in their own homes.

To date, Youngcare has led the way across Australia in designing premium residential solutions for young people with high physical care needs. For 12 years they have been working and partnering with architects, developers and residents to help young people living in, or at risk of entering inappropriate housing, but there is still a significant gap in disability housing in Australia.

There is not a one-size-fits-all solution; they are dedicated to providing the right solution for the right situation.

Thanks for voting, make sure you have your say next month!