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A self-managed super fund (SMSF) is a popular alternative to traditional superannuation funds for many reasons:

  • SMSFs give you greater control and flexibility to invest in certain assets, including direct shares and property, including your own business premises.
  • SMSFs are customised wealth creation and succession vehicles that can provide tax-effective income streams to individuals at retirement age
  • SMSFs have a low tax rate of up to 15 per cent, providing strong tax incentives to investors and business owners wanting to take a more active role in preparing for retirement

The Advivo Superannuation team, who are all based in Brisbane aims to provide you with simple and effective advice that allows you to make the right choice for your SMSF while helping you manage the ongoing compliance and legal obligations required.

An SMSF is not for everyone and should only be considered when the fund is of an appropriate size. If you would like to discuss if this is the right decision for you, talk to one of our specialist SMSF accountants in Brisbane today. Please note, that specialist advice from a licensed financial planner may be required in some circumstances, which our team at Advivo can arrange.

Advivo’s SMSF Service

Along with managing the compliance and legal obligations of an SMSF, our SMSF accountants in Brisbane can minimise tax and offer real-time reporting. This is all done on a monthly basis.

We ensure that your SMSF is easy to understand with clear and comprehensive reports so you can understand what’s happing with your SMSF at each step.

We keep up to date with the changing requirements of Australian superannuation and SMSFs, so the advice we give you is what’s best for you, now and in the future. You can also rest easy knowing that our SMSF accountants can manage your compliance obligations with the most up-to-date information.


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