Advivo Accountants and Advisors share some of the best strategic tools to take your business to the next level!

In light of our upcoming event ‘Your Strategic Planning Toolkit Explained’ Advivo shares some of the tools that will be discussed on the evening.

1. One-Page Strategic Plan

One-page strategic plans are one of the most useful planning tools to collate your goals, objectives and how to reach them in a single, one-page summary for easy reference. They focus not only on the current environment (where are we now?), but the future (where do we want to be?) and the tactical plan (how do we get there?). Using business analysis skills and techniques to populate your one-page strategic plan, these plans help to map the strategies and actions required to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.  Having all this documented on one page makes it easy to not only understand the complete picture, but also to make any updates if things change.

Advivo Accountants and Advisors work with you (and your management team where appropriate) in a workshop environment and guides the process from start to finish.  The outcome of the workshop is a one-page strategic plan, designed specifically for your business, aligning strategies and key actions required to achieve those objectives identified during the session. Advivo can also assist with the implementation of those strategies as this is an area which can present challenges for some business owners.  For more info on our One-Page Strategic Plan offer, contact us at

2. Magic Wand

The Magic Wand is a tool used in the discovery stage to help identify matters of significance to the business, the staff, procedures and process and clients. Using the Magic Wand, we uncover what is often hidden in the unsaid. The outcome of the Magic Wand feeds nicely into the One Page Strategic Plan and other Advivo tools.

3. Future Fitness 3-Way Report™

The Future Fitness 3-Way Report ™covers everything from budgeting and forecasting to business modelling. It is a powerful and flexible tool for any business owner. By analysing your business’ Cash Flow, Profit & Loss, and Balance Sheet forecasts, this report will help you, as a business owner, get ahead for the future and plan to succeed. When implemented into your business correctly, this report gives you a clear picture of your anticipated profitability, the amount that should be in your bank and even your business’ overall net worth. Advivo’s Future Fitness 3-Way Report™ is essentially a crystal ball which allows you to see into the future and plan accordingly.

4. Business Pulse Report™

Our Business Pulse Report™ is a unique tool for your business that accurately monitors your business’ performance against pre-determined goals on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Using visual, tailored, and easy method to display its findings and analysis, this report can be used to keep key staff informed and accountable within the business. With the Business Pulse Report™ you can easily monitor all the important metrics and set realistic goals based on current data aligning with your One-Page Strategic Plan. Click here to see a live demo of how our Business Pulse Report™ works.

5. 3 Pillar – Revenue Increasing Calculator

Advivo Accounts and Advisors show freely to business owners and managers how a simple 3 Pillar – Revenue Increasing Calculator can change a business in just two steps. With clear guidance from Advivo, the 3 Pillar method can help you understand your current situation and how you can increase revenue by ‘tweaking’ its drivers. To make this as simple as possible, we have added an instructional run through sheet for your convenience that can be accessed – HERE.

Your Strategic Planning Toolkit Explained

Planning for 2020 and where you want to take your business? Get some expert guidance to help your process with our upcoming event ‘Your Strategic Planning Toolkit Explained’. This is a must-attend event organised for those looking to take their business to the next level. There will be 11 easy to understand, strategic and analytic tools covered on the night.

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If you have any more questions about strategic planning tools that can help you and your business this year, don’t hesitate to call us on 07 3226 1800 or message us on our Contact Page. We have a talented team of accountants, business advisors, consultants who will listen and take a hands-on approach to manage your business and individual financial needs.