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From 27 March 2021, businesses are required to issue the Casual Employment Information Statement (CEIS) to all new casual employees when they start work.

This document explains to casual employees’ their rights to become permanent if they meet the eligibility criteria. This means all businesses need to check that they are employing their casual staff correctly, including if they have the correct employment contract in place, they have communicated the correct terms and conditions and how casual staff are being rostered to work.

This change has come about due to the recent issues with casual employees’ taking businesses to Fair Work claiming permanent employment entitlements. The fundamental issues arising are largely based on the lack of documentation in place and the treatment of their casual employment.

In accordance with the new rules communicated in the CEIS, businesses must offer casual employees who meet the eligibility criteria permanent employment, unless the business meets the exemption criteria. With these stricter provisions in place, employing casual employees under incorrect terms and conditions can attract fines, penalties and back payment to the employee of permanent employment entitlements such as annual leave, termination pay and so on.

All small businesses, under 15 employees, must also issue this statement to existing casual employees immediately and all businesses 15 employees and over must issue the statement by 27 September 2021.

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