The core purpose of our Superannuation Division is to provide you with simple and leading edge solutions, allowing you to make the right choice in respect of you superannuation needs.

Our dedicated team of accountants and superannuation specialists provide expert advice about the tax advantages of superannuation and will guide you every step of the way with your self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF).

SMSF's are a popular alternative to traditional superannuation funds. The main reasons for starting up these DIY funds include greater control and flexibility to invest in certain assets.

SMSF's are customised wealth creation and succession vehicles that can provide tax effective income streams to individuals at retirement age. They have a low tax rate of up to 15 per cent, providing strong tax incentives to investors and business owners wanting to take a more active role in preparing for retirement.

While the setup of your SMSF can be quite simple, meeting ongoing compliance and legal obligations requires considerable knowledge and specialist advice. At Advivo, we can provide the specialist advice that will help you effectively manage the compliance costs and move forward.

That said SMSF’s are not for everyone and should only be considered when the fund is of an appropriate size. If you would like any further information as to whether an SMSF may be of benefit to you, please don’t hesitate to ask us, contact us now.


  • Advice on establishing SMSF


  • Administration of SMSF including preparation of tax returns


  • Advice on pensions from Superannuation


  • Advice regarding Superannuation Contributions/ Thresholds


  • Assistance on investments, insurance and purchasing property within an SMSF


  • Assistance on purchasing commercial property within SMSF


  • Managing SMSF compliance & audit


  • Assistance with personal wealth creation strategies


  • Specialist advice around borrowing within SMSF



We don't just crunch the numbers, we analyse and advise so you have comprehensive knowledge that is easy to understand. As we speak in plain English, minus the accounting speak, you'll know exactly what's going on, every step of the way.


We are agile and flexible because we keep up to date with the constantly changing requirements of Australian superannuation and SMSFs. This means the only consideration we have when giving you superannuation advice is what's best for you, now and in the future.


With us on your side you'll be able to 'de-stress' the process of meeting compliance obligations. While the set up of your SMSF can be quite simple, meeting ongoing legal requirements requires the right knowledge and advice. We will help you cut through the red tape and move forward.

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