Advivo Business Advisors and Accountants share a great way to make things easy for employers and employees alike!

Trying to keep paper logbooks are time-consuming hassles that take up space. Make life easier for yourself and go the digital route. There are so many easier options out there than hard copy logbooks; numerous apps are available for all types of devices.

Apps like Psngr* and Mileage Logbook by Driversnote* log all your trips and generate reports for reimbursement or tax deduction. These apps allow you to calculate private vs. business use of your vehicle, travel time and expenses. To make it even easier, you can have reports sent to your inbox automatically. Simplify your travel expenses reporting and focus your time on your business, rather than sifting through receipts and travel claims and documenting all details manually.

Benefits of Logbook Apps

Here are the benefits of automated logbook apps:

  • Removes logbook illegibility issues
  • Increases accessibility, accuracy and authenticity
  • Allows for secured tracking
  • Ensures a faster, more cost-effective process.

At Advivo Accountants and Advisors, we believe one of the many ways we can help take your business to the next level is by helping you develop a roadmap to digital transformation. By moving your business to a Cloud based accounting system and integrating all of your important internal systems, you can save time, increase accuracy and focus on what matters! Contact Us to discuss a solution for you!


*Please note, Advivo does not promote these apps as part of our service offering. Please ensure you do your own research to find the app most appropriate for your needs.