How Businesses are Affected by Changes in the Technological Landscape

A changing technological landscape has far-reaching consequences for many business sectors. These changes create a disruptive digital environment affecting businesses, large and small, all over the globe. Moving any part of a business to the Cloud may seem intimidating but with the right support, any company can transform their business processes and reap the benefits of Cloud-based services.

Reduce Physical Technology Footprint

Businesses are able to reduce their physical technology footprint with a transition of services to the Cloud and also ensure wider availability to a staff of all applications to an anywhere-anytime environment. Financial services are being pushed towards the Cloud because of the changes being made across the sector. A vast increase in accessibility and the calibre of services available to all digitally connected businesses is a catalyst for this disruption to the digital landscape and the way we do business.

Modernised Accounting Services

Business accounting services are becoming modernised by the advancements Cloud services are providing. A greater expectation is placed on accountants and financial managers to work closely with clients in real time, to produce up-to-date figures and reports at the touch of a button. While traditional services would take a copy of accounts at the end of a quarter or year, Cloud-based applications can allow for complete and transparent access at any time for any party and business owners can do their accounting at any time from a variety of devices.

With an automated back-up system and a security system based on the same security infrastructure as most global financial institutions, Cloud services offer all businesses access to market-leading products and business tools.

Automation of Manual Tasks and Services

Cloud services can be scaled to fit any purpose, with the ability to add modules that can automate a large amount of traditional manual work; and can automate services from accounting and quoting to scheduling and timesheets. These modules can also track lead activity and sales conversions allowing for a greater ability to monitor business performance.

Develop a Strategy for Digital Transition

The most important thing for a business looking towards Cloud services is to develop a thorough strategy for the transition and the continued function of a business. Understanding the needs of a business thoroughly and integrating that with specific services is key to modernising any business with the Cloud.

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This article has been written with contributions by Rob King, Director from Integration Kings who we partner with to deliver the highest level of expertise and support in cloud integration.