Taking Some Time To Think of Innovations For Your Business
During The Holiday Break

Do you ever get to the end of the year, preparing for the Christmas holidays, wondering, where has the year gone? How is our business moving forward? Where was all my ‘think’ time this year?

Pondering On Your Business

It can be like that. One of the wonderful things about creativity is that it often occurs when our mind is at its most relaxed. Therefore, while you are enjoying your holiday break, certainly enjoy the festive season, your family and loved ones, but once you have achieved that relaxed state of mind, travel to that creative space and ponder a few simple questions about your business, just in the relaxed privacy and safety of your own mind. Questions like the following:

“What were the greatest learnings for our business throughout the year?”

“What messages did our customers feedback to us about what they want, need and value?”

“Did we identify any potential game-changing innovative opportunities? (product, processes, technology, services)”

“How can I build innovation into the culture of our business?”

The Best Time To Be Creative

Ideas are often created when we are less stressed, happy, relaxed and able to tap into our creative mind. The Christmas holiday period is, therefore, a unique period where it is possible that these three elements can come together. Enjoy your downtime, but also recognise that for many entrepreneurs, this is a wonderful time to be creative and innovative.

Think “What If?”

A very powerful exercise is to ask yourself, “if I had unlimited ability and resources, in what way could we innovate to solve our customers’ problems, challenges or experience with our company?”. Forget about constraints, just focus on the ‘ideal’ and see just how powerful your mind can create. We are fortunate to see many unique innovations and while some may be created from significant analysis and problem-solving techniques, some of the most creative just came to people when they simply asked themselves ……………… “what if?”.

And when Santa does deliver that awe-inspiring creative innovation to your mind, then pick up the phone on your return from holidays and let’s chat. The ‘how to’ is more of a process, but if you have a commercially viable innovation derived from your creativity, then the ‘how to’ can usually be constructed.

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Merry Christmas to all and let’s enter the new year paving the way for global expansion. It is possible!