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Latest Insights and Opinions from the Advivo Team

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Not Another Risk Seminar!! – Wrap up

By Linda Cornacchia Risk insurance, Intellectual property protection, learning about PPSR and cyber-attack insurance, doesn’t sound like the most riveting…
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Tax Treatment of Insurance Proceeds for Destroyed Assets

When an asset is unexpectedly destroyed, business owners usually focus on maximising insurance entitlements under their policy – and the tax…
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Keyperson Insurance

What would happen if a key person in your business was unable to work? For small to medium a business…
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Cyber Security: Is Your Small Business Safe?

What's the danger? Cyber-threats can exist under a number of guises. Denial of service attacks overload systems – for example,…
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Understanding Intellectual Property

Written By Linda Cornacchia The dictionary definition of Intellectual Property is “intangible property that is the result of creativity, such…
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The Safe Harbour is now open!

Written by Linda Cornacchia Recently, the Australian Government has passed new ‘Safe Harbour’ legislation. This is an important change providing…
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