Without accurate and efficient bookkeeping, you will not be able to make informed financial or management decisions as your true financial position will not be known. Additionally, your year-end accounting work may cost more. Inaccurate and unreliable financial records also act as a barrier when applying for bank loans. Accurate and up to date financial records are essential when it comes to selling your business.

That is why it is important to maintain accurate and 'clean' financial records as this will help you as a business owner (guided by your Financial Management experts here at Advivo) to gain useful information to assist with decision-making to grow your business.

At Advivo we encourage our clients to take advantage of modern cloud-based technology, which provides efficiencies due to some degree of automation and allows us to view your accounting records in real time to assist you. We can also help you with setting up this software. Alternatively, we can introduce our professional bookkeepers as we are in regular contact with them, supervising the entire process. This way, you have the benefit of knowing that your business's transactions are recorded accurately and in a timely fashion.

There are a range of options to assist you including EPIC Business Assist which is a quality and economical service which supports people living with disabilities. To find out more about EPIC Business Assist click here.

Please contact us to discuss a tailored bookkeeping solution that would work for you and for your business.


  • Recommendations of appropriate Bookkeeping Services


  • Managing / Supervising Bookkeeping processes


  • Assistance with Bookkeeping / Accounting Software set up


  • Assistance with Payroll and End Of Year PAYG Payment Summaries

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