As uncomfortable as the task might seem, Estate Planning is one of the necessities of life. Without an Estate Plan, you risk costly and unwanted emotional stress for your family and loved ones.

When it comes to estate planning, there are multiple factors to consider that go beyond the scope of preparing Wills and choosing a Power of Attorney.  Advivo will work with you to help ensure that your assets fall into the right hands, at the right time. Discussing personal matters can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with planning and determining the outcome of your Estate.  Advivo will take the time to assist you and make sure you're comfortable with every step of the process.

As your Accountants and trusted Advisors, Advivo will take care of your financial affairs, business structures and future aspirations.  Advivo will also drive your Estate Planning Strategy and coordinate the implementation with your other nominated advisors as required.

Our estate planning Services offer you continued support and begin with a meeting with you to discuss your circumstances and understand your ultimate objectives. Advivo will then define your financial position and clarify with you what your expectations are and how you would like to proceed.  Once we have solidified your anticipated outcome, the next step is to implement your Estate Plan so that your wishes can be eventually carried out.

Advivo will, on your behalf, engage with legal professionals (either your existing trusted solicitor, or an Estate Planning Specialist Lawyer that we can arrange) to provide the required legal services. 

Advivo also offer transition planning in conjunction with estate planning. This service is ideal for those with family businesses.

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  • Identifying and clearly documenting your current assets and liabilities either directly or indirectly through various corporate structures


  • Recording and directing how you want your Estate distributed


  • Directing and working with appropriate legal advisors on how best to ensure your Estate is distributed in accordance with your wishes without being successfully challenged

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